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21 Photography Trends For 2017

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What are the top photography trends to lookout for in 2017? This post has rounded up some of the top trends that you can draw inspiration from for your next shoot.

1. Authenticity


Authentic Photography

Spontaneous, genuine, unpolished, and sometimes awkward photos have been the norm since the start of the year. Everyone seems to have dropped the pretense and posturing opting to be real. There seems to be a hunger of authenticity as seen on social media platforms such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live that are fast becoming popular fueled by the demand for impromptu posts. This trend is also taking root in advertising where the posed models we are used to are replaced with relatable individuals.
Authentic photos do not require fancy photography gear or elaborate lighting. In fact, most of these shots are taken with smartphones that offer more freedom and mobility. When looking for authentic images, try to make the ordinary look extraordinary.

2. Perspective

Perspective Photography

High-end technologies such as virtual reality, drones, and GoPro now enable viewers to feel as if they are in the middle of the action. Although these technologies are largely used in videos, their influence is being felt in still photography. Wide panoramas, overhead shots, and first-person perspectives are fast becoming popular ways to boost the drama and take viewers to new places.

3. Women power

 Strong and powerful women are not new. The difference is that more images that ever before of women in nontraditional situations are fast becoming common, laying bare the societal norms. These women are not meant to be looked at but rather their intention is to make things happen. Be it on a basketball court, in the boardrooms, locker rooms, or in the Supreme Court, women are pushing the limits to be seen as powerful players in areas once dominated by men.

Another trend in female photography is the diversity in the type of women seen. Women no longer want to see images of what art directors and executives consider beautiful. Instead, they want real images of real women of all shapes, sizes, races, and ages. They want images of approachable women who they can relate.

4. Black and white

 Black and white photography has remained fashionable and this year it seems to have gain more life that usual. If you want to add emotions and drama to your images, the shadow of black and white can be extremely helpful. Black and white images have a classic vintage feel as if they are from a different time. There are plenty of black and white effects that can add contrast and sophistication to images.

5. Bold colors

As indicated above, black and white is a trend in 2017 and so is bold, big, and beautiful color. Photographers are not afraid to experiment with different colors in new way and finding then in unusual places. Crazy color combinations, vivid, and exaggerated colors vibrating with intensity are also being widely used.

6. Global travel

With more people traveling across the globe that ever before, and an equally high number posting their pictures on social media platform, photographers seem to be going off the beaten path in search of unique subject matter. Images of renowned landmarks are giving way to exceptional shots of locals going about their lives.

7. Patterns

Patterns Photography

Patterns are used as primary subject matters and in backgrounds. Regardless of how patterns are used, adding them brings out artistry and makes the images more interesting. Patterns are found in architecture, nature as well as in mundane places. Get ready to capture these patterns wherever you find them and use then as textures to pass your massage.

8. People and Technology

Computers and smart devices are now part of our daily lives. However, it is not always easy to find interesting ways to present such technologies. Photographers are taking on the challenge by going beyond the worker-in-front-of-PC or kid-on-smartphone images.

9. Flash

Flash photography was gradually losing fashion but it is regaining popularity in 2017. Instead of eschewing the obviousness and harshness of the flash, photographers are turning to it to create edgy and dramatic. Flash helps to create strong shadows and contrast and it is extremely effective when used in black and white photography.

Flash Photography

10. Plant life

Plant Life Photography

According to Pantone, Greenery is the colour for 2017 since gives a reassurance most people yearn for with all the chaos in the social and political scene. Greenery also symbolizes a reconnection with nature. This explains why all types of greenery can be seen in magazines, social media, advertisements, and more. Most interior design shots feature ostrich ferns or cataract arum palms while cacti and succulents can be found in office desks.
Botanical gardens and greenhouses are now popular photo shooting scenes. In contrast to the need for authentic, more people seem to appreciate nature in any form they find it.

11. 90s retro

Marketing and fashion industries are tapping into retro esthetic such high-waist jeans. Photography has not been left out whereby photographers are using filters, lighting, and effects to make the image appear as if they were shot with a Polaroid.

12. Lifestyle, society, technology

The modern day is in sync with technology that keeps on changing our society. Another noticeable trend in photography in 2017 is about people interacting with sophisticated technology. The industry is witnessing a mix of new and upcoming tech coupled with a nostalgic revival of the age of technology.

13. Tropical and vivid color

 Nature’s beauty has been there to balance out the latest trends in digital world. With bold colors, tropical life, and lush vegetation, this trend in photography is visual escapism. The use of vivid colors is making a comeback thanks to smartphone technology. It has become almost mandatory to apply filters to personalize images. In 2017, colorful tones featuring high contrast are used to generate a wow factor. Splash of color is also fast regaining life.

14. Tranquility, individuality, and community


The desire for tranquility has been on the rise with regards to the immense level of digitalization. Nurturing a mindful lifestyle tends to give a chance to naturally recharge the batteries. There is the longing to create unique identities. However, our desire for community and bonding with others remains unmoved. The world is now a vast network of connections and bonds, with each looking for its place in the society.Community Photography


15. Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drones have been proven to be beneficial in the art arena. This technology has made aerial photography easy and fun. Part of what makes drone photography appealing is the democratizes angles. A while back, high quality overhead images required investing in helicopters and cranes. With the introduction of drones, photographers can now capture breathtaking photos at just a few hundred dollars.
Images captured using drones include shots looking down at the renowned Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and a view through the gaps in the Golden Gate Bridge’s supports in San Francisco.

16. 360-Degree Selfie Gadgets

Handheld devices such as Wefie are designed to help capture quality selfies. With the invention of budget-friendly smartphone cameras, capturing moments in our everyday lives is now simple and entails clicking a button. However, compact technology makes taking high-quality photos. Wifie camera was designed to eliminate this struggle and features a compact and portable design but possessing high-quality camera functionalists including 360-degree camera and wide lens processing.
These handheld gadgets offer easy grip base facilitating photographers with ideal angels that ensure that your friends can fit into the frame. Compared to the selfie stick, the Wefie camera offers a discreet option, ease, and functionality.

17. Minimalist Fashion Photography

 Fashion photographers are embracing minimal images, especially with the fact that street-wear is taking over the fashion world. Today, unretouched and realist photos can be found everywhere. In fact, hair and makeup looks are also minimal as authentic aesthetic become more favorable.
This trend is guaranteed to continue as more people ca for realism and diversity in the fashion industry. It makes sense that fashion photographers need to be more genuine and less contrived.

18. 35mm Film

Most photographers seem to be venturing into analogue photography. 2017 has witnessed this trend in fashion photography as well as in fine art images. Regardless of the cost and inconveniences, film photography continues to appeals to both new and established photographers across the globe. There is something about film photography that is hard to resist. In 2016, we witnessed the introduction of instant cameras by Lomography and Impossible Project. Although instant cameras are both pricey and bulky, the retro vibe and the magic of printing images instantly thrill most photographers.
Will this trend continue? Unfortunately, digital photography is still the favored choice for most photographers. However, the digital versus analogue debate is unlikely to end any soon. In fact, it is only expected to intensify in 2017 as more photographers embrace the benefits of the film just as modern hi-tech devices. We can only expect the divide to grow over the coming years.

19. Suburban America

There is no doubt that 2016 was the year of the suburb. Dejected and dusty images of the Midwest started popping up. American road trip has remained the favorite trope for photographers. However, in 2017, the road trips seem to be focusing more on pit stops with images focusing on a location or a topic become more popular.
Long empty country roads, sagging power cables, and abandoned houses are now a recurring theme. Do we expect this trend to continue? Images of deserted suburban streets are almost at a saturation point, but this trend is not fading anytime soon. This is probably due to the high number of young photographers moving to suburbia are rent in big cities such as New York become unbearable.

20. Collages and diptychs

With most photographers now posting their work on Instagram, it is important to ensure that every image stands out. Collages and diptychs are an effective way to make images standout in a feed of the old square images. We are also witnessing this trend in online magazines as well as in print media. Overlapping images is the easiest way to create unique and contemporary layouts.
Most photographers are opting to display their work this way on their online portfolios and it is proving beneficial. Juxtaposing photos in an artistic manner makes the viewing experience more interesting compared to the typical vertical or horizontal scrolls.
Should we expect this trend to continue? It appears that this trend has just started taking root as online platforms allow more experimentation. With most photographers now showcasing their work online, it is critical that the photos are displayed in an eye-catching manner and collages and diptychs are the way to go.

21. Girl Gaze

A new trend towards pink-saturated, ultra-feminine, and retro-infected girl-focused photography seems to appeal to most photographers. In fact, the girl gaze concept has recently been introduced into the mainstream after making rounds on Instagram for quite some time. This trend is in a way a reclamation of femininity and acknowledging the power of a woman regardless of what she is wearing.
Is this trend likely to continue? It is the 21st century and we are serious about showcasing work by women and we appreciate the value of girliness. We expect this trend to give way to more radical, and diverse representation of what it really means to be female. We expect to see more photographers ready to create high-quality girl-focused work in new and creative ways.




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